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The Platform

During the Life Cycle of their Assets, Owners interact with various organizations. OwnerRecords has developed a platform enabling collaboration with these various organizations. This platform was developed around basic principals that address three main concepts:

  •  Who You Are

    This represents not only your own organization, but also the organizations that partner with you. We think of these organizations together as your 'Achievement Team.'

  •  What You Have

    A person or organization has assets. Very often this is Equipment located at various Facilities.

  •  What You Are Doing With It

    This operational component relates the organizations to the assets. The Equipment and Facilities will have different needs, based on maintenance schedules, operational requirements, or regulatory statutes. Pathways will be mapped to Records and information about Operations, Monitoring, Auditing, Maintaining, Replacing, etc.

It is from the above principles of classification that our software has been organized into three major areas:

These classifications became the core modules of our Compliance Solution. From there, other modules have followed, enhancing the solution.

Our passion is to solve owner issues with collaborative cross-organization teamwork