is designed for asset management, compliance, vendor, and issue tracking resolutions.
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Who is an owner?
Owners have assets and benefit from those that are well managed. At a certain point, a poorly managed asset becomes a liability, whether an aging fixture or a pound of refrigerant. The management and responsibilities of the assets involve a host of roles and services: Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Compliance, etc. There are also external parties, such as Government Oversight, Inspectors, Contractors, Compliance Specialists, etc.

What is a record?
Records are information about your assets from various roles, activities and organizations. This disparate and constantly evolving information needs to be recorded and retained for all sorts of reasons: accurate statuses, compliance standing, and timely knowledge of problems are a few reasons.

The Challenge of Access is bringing together the right information from the work of different organizations into a unified picture. Success requires these various entities to work together as a team with access to a common information repository. We consider this team the owner's complete 'Achievement Team.'

The Challenge of Accuracy . Our approach to accurate record keeping understands that in order to maintain complete and accurate records, it requires the Achievement Team to have the right tools tailored to their specific role.

The right information from the right people at the right time

What is is a platform created by NearLo Technologies, in conjunction with the expertise of DC Engineering and Refrigerant Management Solutions to enable accurate record keeping. The product evolved out of our process of 'careful listening' and delivering 'dynamic solutions.'