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Compliance Solution

One of OwnerRecords' platform core solutions was developed to manage the complex record keeping requirements related to Refrigerant Management Regulations.

  •   Problems

    • Compliance Requirements apply to many roles:
      Owner, Operators, Engineering, Compliance Managers, Finance, Maintenance Contractors, Management, Technical and Administrative staff.
    • Real-world maintenance practices don't fall nicely into the perceived process outlined by the regulations
    • Compliance requires tight, timely collaboration between all of the key players in the refrigerant handling and asset repair process
    • No single group can fully achieve compliance on their own
  •   Solutions

    • Provide the appropriate tool for the different roles involved in record keeping
    • Focus the data on activities that are occurring on the asset
    • Allow for the complex relationships between organizations and activities affecting compliance
    • Provide tools to visualize and track problem areas within the assets

The compliance solution brings together the Achievement Team to maintain accurate records related to refrigeration maintenance by focusing on assets. Other tracking systems focus on the dispatch of technicians and service events. Tracking dispatch and service events is part of OwnerRecords, but our core is to capture all activities that involve an asset or refrigeration circuit, regardless of who or when they touched it.

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Compliance Solution Modules

The following modules comprise the foundation base of the Compliance Solution:

There are more Platform Modules than those of which the Compliance Solution is composed. The additional modules build upon the foundation of the base modules.