is designed for asset management, compliance, vendor, and issue tracking resolutions.
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Accurate & Efficient Data Capture

Guided by our experienced team, with many years of owner and industry success and pitfall related knowledge, the platform was developed with the goals of reducing complexity and increasing accuracy. This approach produced two distinct pieces of software:

  • Our web portal is tailored to the functions of the Owner Asset Manager and the Contractor Administrative staff, as well the Engineering Service team
  • The mobile technician form is a tool designed for the Maintenance Contractor to easily capture actions at the point of service

The system is designed to be paperless, which improves timeliness and reduces human error. This also provides a near real time view of the maintenance activities related to compliance, in contrast to other tracking systems.

The platform is made up of several modules, core to any solution is the Organization and Asset Modules, other modules are assembled as needed to provide a complete solution.

A report is only as good as the data it's drawn from


The OwnerRecords Platform is comprised of various modules that work together to make solutions:

Platform Modules are combined to create Solutions! Our Compliance Solution is composed of multiple modules.